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Emergencies are best avoided, so please follow our advice the best you can. **The Patient Should Not Try to Cut or Remove Any Part of the Wire or Braces Themselves.** If you have an appliance that happens to come off, please do not discard it! Bring it with you to your next appointment so that we can repair or replace it.

For common problems, here are some quick fixes that can be done at home by a PARENT.

Initial Soreness
After braces appointments, the teeth and gums may be tender for a couple of days, to minimize this, brush very well and take a pain reliever such as Tylenol. For small cuts or sores in the mouth, brush your teeth and gums well, rinse with warm salt water, and then place orthodontic wax over the brace that is irritating your gums or cheek.

Wire Poking
It is possible for the wire to protrude from the back brace. Taking a nail clipper and snipping the wire as close as possible to the brace can solve this problem. If you cannot clip the wire, placing some wax on it will help to keep you comfortable.

Wire out of a Brace
If the wire has come out of the tube on the back molar tooth, you may attempt to reinsert the wire with a pair of needle-nosed pliers or tweezers. If you are having a difficult time and the wire is not sticking, you can place a piece of wax over the area. If the wax does not help, the wire can be cut with a small wire cutter or nail clipper close to the back of the last brace.

Broken Bracket or Loose Band
If a bracket (the small rectangular brace) or band (metal ring) is loose, it usually will remain connected to the main wire. Please let our office know you have a loose bracket or band, so we can be prepared at your next visit to repair it.

Broken Wire
If the main wire breaks, take a pair of nail clippers and cut the wire as close as possible to the next brace it is attached to. You may also need to place wax over the cut end of the wire. Please call our office so we can schedule an appointment to repair the wire.

Color Tie has come off
If the color tie has come loose, see if the wire is attached to the brace with a ligature, a small wire thread. If so, it should be fine until the next appointment.

Expander is Loose
If an expander becomes loose we do not want you to activate it until you are seen. Usually the expander can be pushed back onto the tooth until you can get back into our office. Sticky foods are usually the cause of this.

Poking Wire Tie
Sometimes to secure the brace to the wire we twist a very small stainless steel ligature around it. Infrequently it is possible for the twisted end of the ligature to move and start to feel sharp. If this happens simply use the eraser end of a pencil to gently push it into a comfortable position.

Lost or Broken Retainer
If you lose or break a removable appliance or retainer, please call our office during office hours or leave a message. We will schedule an appointment for you to have an impression taken so that our office can prepare another retainer.