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Personalized Orthodontics for Your Best Smile

Your smile, and how you feel about it, touches every part of your life. When your teeth are straight and healthy, you know they look great and that boosts your self-esteem: your confidence is clear in every smile you share!

Dr. Katherine Kelly and our team offer advanced orthodontic solutions, using leading-edge technologies and techniques, and tailor treatment to your unique needs. Our goal is to ensure you achieve a functional, stable smile that’s healthy and beautiful – and for you to enjoy every step of your orthodontic journey!

Our Philosophy

Our practice philosophy is to establish an open, respectful relationship with each patient and family, keeping them engaged, informed, and motivated throughout the orthodontic experience. We make this happen through clear and non-judgmental communication, educating each person about their treatment plan, and direct, understandable, helpful answers to their questions.

Our Doctor and Team

In addition to her Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree, Dr. Kelly holds a PhD in Pathology and a Master of Science. She loves to learn, loves to teach, loves to help each patient develop an incredible smile, and loves to educate patients on how to keep that finished smile healthy and strong.

Our team is as passionate as Dr. Kelly when it comes to orthodontics and learning. We stay current on the latest advancements through ongoing training and incorporate the best into the practice. This ensures timely, efficient treatment, exceptional customer care, and radiantly healthy finished smiles.

Our Emphasis on Communication

We strive to connect with our patients and families beginning with their first contact, as they schedule a complimentary consultation. We hear their motivation, seek to learn their concerns, and work together to design a fully customized treatment path.

Every step of treatment is discussed in advance, so patients and parents know what to expect and what they will need to do. During visits we talk about home care and oral hygiene, offer progress updates and encouragement, and make sure everyone’s questions are answered.

It is essential patients know we care about them and their wellbeing – beyond their smile– and that we will always treat them with the respect and compassion we’d expect for our loved ones.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Orthodontic treatment is an investment of time, energy, and finances. It is important each patient and family has a clear understanding of what will happen and makes informed decisions about their care.

We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kelly and our team at our Saline, MI office. No sales pitch, we promise: simply a clear path to your best smile! Call, today!

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